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by Andy


Obama Opposes Prop 8- even though Yes on 8 claims he supports them- post this video, help spread the word!

Our new ad narrated by renowned actor Samuel L. Jackson drives home the message that discrimination is always wrong.

"We have an obligation to pass along to our children a more tolerant, a more decent society."

We must keep this ad on television statewide through Election Day. To make that happen we must raise at least $1.5 million today. Please donate NOW.
Senator Diane Feinstein Finally Speaks Out Against Prop 8- Calling it out for what it is- Discrimination! Help Feinstein's message to reach as many voters as possible! Donate Today!! It takes YOUR financial support to make HER voice heard- and yours! Donate today!

Polls show that Latino/Chicano voters are tending to support prop 8! Please help America Ferrera, and the cast of Ugly Betty, to spread this message in spanish and english! $50 airs this ad on Telemundo in Spanish! This ad could be the margin of victory- and $50 puts this add on tv- in Spanish!

Parents demand their children NOT be used to promote Prop 8! Please help air jack O'Connels response to the lies being spread by prop 8!

Proponents of Prop 8 are spreading lies, and the polls are showing the impact! Help the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell set the record straight!

Donate today to help close the fundraising gap and stop the lies being spread by Yes on 8! Every one of us can make a huge impact! Please donate whatever you can- any amount will make a difference!

Equality for All