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by AM Schmidt & SL Mitchell


Truthfully, gay marriage was never really my issue. Why would I want something that was always intended to exclude me? I didn't want it out of principal. To want it was to give someone else the power to tell me I couldn't have it. But that all changed on November 7, 2006 when 11 states voted to ban gay marriage. On that day, I felt every one of the votes in each of the 11 states, like hundreds of thousands of tiny pin pricks that sent hot surges of adrenaline straight to my heart.
I felt the hatred and bias of every person who purposefully stepped into a little booth, under the cover of anonymity, and voted to pass a hate law. And that’s what they are - hate laws.
Tying a young gay man to a fence, beating him senseless, and leaving him for dead, or voting to make sure that he can never marry, can never have the same rights, all comes from that same kernel of belief that a gay or lesbian life is worth less (worthless).
As gay and lesbian people, we want the choice to enter into the same legally and emotionally recognized unions as everyone else. I have never understood how opponents of gay marriage argue that two men getting married will destroy the sanctity of marriage. People who get married in Vegas on a drunken whim destroy the sanctity of marriage. Two men who are desperate to recognize their love and commitment only strengthen it.
Sometimes, we get so caught up in our ironic cynicism. What does it matter if I vote for Prop 8 or not . . . If we’re not careful, those same people that are voting against gay marriage will start voting in the daylight, and end up in our offices, on our televisions, and in our bedrooms.
Now is the time. Please talk to your friends and family about California Proposition 8 and encourage them to say no to h8te and yes to equality.

Equality for All