Contribute Now to Not One Red Cent

by Mike Stark

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We're done giving money to those that would sell us out at every turn. Democrats have done nothing to end the war, they've done nothing to hold anyone - not one single person - accountable for the illegal actions that have taken place in the Bush administration.

When democrats stop betraying us - when they stand up for the principles the led us to become Democrats - well... then we'll reconsider our decision to stop funding the people that whisper sweet nothings into our ear while bedding down with the corrupt warmongers in the Bush administration.

Until then, BlogPac exists to aggressively push the progressive agenda. They don't lie to us or betray their own (and our own) principles, they aren't duplicitous and they are effective.

I've decided to put my money where it will help.

Elected democrats, take note!


Progressive Democrats of America

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Secretary of State Project

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