Contribute Now to Grayson-Saying What the Spineless Won't Say

by Mark Kawasaki


I'm sick of spineless Democrats like Reid, Pelosi, and Kerry (who let a chimpanzee beat him out for POTUS and we lost 2 seats on the Supreme Court because of it).

Alan Grayson speaks out against the BS put out by the BS'ers, and speaks the truth while all the mamby-pamby Democrats stand up and say "My friend the congressperson from so-and-so is against this or that so I'll compromise, even though they won't because we both take big money from big business so we don't really care about the little people who elected us."

Grayson is one of the few who FIGHTS back, and fights back for us - the little people.

He and Bernie Sanders are my heroes!

This bucks for you, Alan! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)