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The nine most important races in the most important region of the state. Help Democrats take back the State Senate and State House.

Common-sense Democrats running against extremist GOPers in suburban and exurban Virginia. Tip O'Neill said "All politics is local," and this is the first step to brining increasing Democratic strength in suburban America.

There are 3 crucial primaries going on this year and we're not going to weigh in on them. As soon as the primaries are over, we'll take a look at the match-ups, and depending on how well our targeted incumbent Democrats are doing, we'll likely add 1, 2 or all 3 of the primary winners to the page.

Image of Albert Pollard

Albert Pollard


Pollard represented about 40% of this Senate district for 6 years while he was in the State House. Known as a leader for environmental and conservation issues, Pollard is now running in the open Senate 28th district.

The Republicans pressured the moderate lion of the Senate (John Chichester) to retire, and are now battling to see who is more extreme. With any other candidate, this might not be a winnable race, but with Pollard, we're even money to pick up the seat.

This pick up will be key to getting the 4 pick-ups we need to get a 21-seat Senate majority.

Pollard's Senate district overlaps with Carlos Del Toro's House district (see below) meaning field efforts go twice as far.

Image of Chap Petersen

Chap Petersen


Known as the hardest working candidate in Virginia, Petersen represented about 1/3 of this district in the State House between 2002 and 2006. His 2001 upset of a GOP incumbent was credited to his ability to walk the district 3 times, a record and something of an inspiration to future candidates.

He left the House seat to run for Lt. Gov in 2005, coming up short in the primary to Leslie Byrne. As a testament to Chap's character, and Leslie's leadership, Leslie is helping Chap in this year's Senate race.

This is a Democratic seat, currently held by Congressman Tom Davis' wife, and a key pick-up opportunity.

Image of Carlos Del Toro

Carlos Del Toro


A 26-year Navy Veteran, White House Fellow under Bill Clinton and the first Cuban-born American to command an Arleigh-Burke class, Aegis capable Destroyer, Commander Del Toro has one of the best set of qualifications I've ever seen for a State House candidate.

He also happens to be a small business owner and a leader in the fight for Stem Cell research (as past President of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Capitol Chapter).

Del Toro's 88th district includes parts of Stafford, Fauquier and Spotsylvania counties, areas that are rapidly becoming suburban and competitive. The district is cursed by a Do-Nothing GOP Rep, and he's primed to be replaced by an American Hero like Del Toro.

Del Toro's house district overlaps with Albert Pollard's Senate district (see above) meaning field efforts go twice as far.

Image of Janet Oleszek

Janet Oleszek


As a county-wide elected School Board member, Oleszek is uniquely qualified to bring much needed local government and education experience to the State Senate.

Her opponent is known a the Rich Santorum of VA politics, which is a moniker that he'd rather avoid these days.

Oleszek's Senate district overlaps with Chuck Caputo's House district (see below) and with 2 new Democratic State House members, meaning field efforts go twice as far.

Image of Bruce Roemmelt

Bruce Roemmelt


Bruce Roemelt is running against incumbent Republican Bob Marshall, namesake of the hateful Marshall-Newman Amendment and leader of the anti-Choice movement.

2 years ago, Roemmelt almost upset Marshall. Now, with more name recognition and experience, he's back to finish the job.

Bruce, a firefighter, educator and veteran, is a strong Democratic candidate in a winnable district.

Charles Colgan


Chuck Caputo


Caputo won a Republican-leaning district in 2005 when the GOP booted a moderate incumbent in the primary and ran an extreme right-winger in the general.

Caputo has represented his district well, but the local Republicans are hungry to retake the district. For us to get a 51-member majority, this is one of the seats we have to hold.

*Bush-53.5% Kerry-46.5%*

Image of David Poisson

David Poisson


David Poisson upset extreme right-winger Dick Black 2 years ago. Now the GOP is gunning to retake the seat.

David, a respected member of the Loudon county business community, is a sensible Democrat in this Republican leaning district. He has the sense and business background to represent all the citizens of his district. He is the former chief of staff to Deputy Democratic Leader, Dick Durbin (D-IL),

*Bush-55.5% Kerry-44.5%*</i?

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