Contribute Now to Veach's Straight Friends Against Prop 8!

by Nick Veach

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(since October 08, 2008)

On November 4th, 2008, Californians will decide whether Proposition 8, a discriminatory ballot initiative will pass or fail. Proposition 8 would take away the rights of same sex couples to marry.

I've joined the NO on 8 campaign regardless of my political party because I believe every Californian deserves the freedom to marry the one they love. Prop. 8 would create a separate set of rules for same-gender couples, treating them differently under law. I don't want to live in a California that treats me - or anyone else - unfairly. Regardless of how you feel about marriage, it is a right that belongs to all of us, without exception.

Please join me in making a donation to NO on 8 - Equality California. Whether you live outside of california or inside california, a donation as little as $5 or as much as $1000 is much appreciated. Your contribution will help defeat 8 and once and for all grant same sex marriage in California. Thank you for standing with me to support freedom, fairness and equality.

Equality for All