Contribute Now to New York State Senate Challengers

by Nathanael Nerode

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These are all of the Democratic candidates who are officially running for State Senate in seats currently held by Republicans, and currently accept donations via ActBlue, upstate listed first.

For almost as long as I've been alive, the State Senate has been ruled almost singlehandedly by corrupt Republican Joe Bruno. Even though he's leaving, his machine remains. We only need two seats to restore democracy to the State Senate.

Contributions to any of these candidates will drain the resources of the Republican incumbency-protection machine, helping us win with the 62-county strategy.

There seem to be no Democratic candidates for Senate Districts 1,4,8(Long Island), 22(Brooklyn), 24(Staten Island), 39(Orange/Ulster), 47,50,57, and 62 (all upstate). The candidate in 45 doesn't seem to be on ActBlue.

Joe Mesi


Running against Republican Mary Lou Rath in a horrendous gerrymandered district in western NY.

Image of Kathy Konst

Kathy Konst


Richard Dollinger


Also running against Joe Robach in Rochester. Robach is a turncoat who was originally elected while a registered Democrat, but took Joe Bruno's silver -- he became a Republican after getting elected in order to get more power within the Senate.

Image of David Nachbar

David Nachbar


Running against Republican Jim Alesi in another abusively gerrymandered district consisting mostly of eastern, northern, and southern suburbs of Rochester.

Image of John Tonello

John Tonello


Running against Republican party hack George Winner in another gerrymandered district, containing Ithaca and the west side of Tompkins County, as well as all of Steuben, Schulyer, Yates, and Chemung Country

Image of Paloma Capanna

Paloma Capanna


Running against Republican Michael Nozzollio in another abusively gerrymandered district stretching across Seneca County and Wayne County and reaching out to include parts of Cayuga, Monroe, Ontario, and even Tompkins County.

Image of Dick Jorgensen

Dick Jorgensen


Running against Republican Thomas Libous in another gerrymandered district containing Broome County, Tioga County, and parts of Chenango County.

Image of Donald Barber

Donald Barber


The Supervisor of the Town of Caroline has developed an excellent reputation for getting important things done -- in an inclusive, open manner which earns the support of nearly everyone affected.

He is running against longtime Joe Bruno lackey Jim Seward, in an enormously gerrymanded upstate district.

BK Keramati


Running against Republican Hugh T. Farley in a gerrymandered district stretching north from Schenectady. Stepped up to the plate when it seemed like we wouldn't have a candidate.

Mike Russo


Susan Zimet


Running against Republican John Bonacic in another horribly gerrymandered district stretching through Delaware, Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster Counties.

Image of Ken Dow

Ken Dow


Running against Republican Stephen Saland in Columbia County and part of Dutchess County.

Mike Kaplowitz


Running against Republican Vincent Leibell in Putnam, eastern Dutchess, and northern Westchester Counties.

Image of Greg Julian

Greg Julian


Running against Republican Thomas Morahan in Rockland and Orange Counties.

Joseph Addabbo


Running against incumbent Republican Serphin Maltese, who has been there nearly forever, in Queens, New York City!

Jim Gennaro


Running against Republican Frank Padavan, who has been there nearly forever, in Queens, New York City!

Ada Smith


Running against Republican Shirley Huntley in Queens, New York City!

Image of Roy Simon

Roy Simon


Running against Republican Dean Skelos in Nassau County. Skelos is the new Republican majority leader, a.k.a. head of the incumbency protection racket.

Kristen McElroy


Running against Republican Kemp Hannon in Nassau County.

Leslie Bielanski


Running against Republican Carl Macellino in Suffolk County.

Brian X. Foley


Running against Republican Caesar Trunzo in Suffolk County.

Brooke Ellison


Running against Republican John Flanagan in Suffolk County.

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