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by Bill Foster for Congress


Dear Friends,

In just four days, Illinois voters have a rare opportunity. In the Saturday March 8th special election to replace former Speaker Dennis Hastert, they can be among the first voters in the nation to cast aside the politics of more-of-the-same and vote for change.


In a new TV ad launching for my campaign today, I'm proud to announce that Illinois Senator Barack Obama has joined the growing number of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats from across my district who've become fed up with Washington's failures and are calling for change.

You can watch Barack Obama's new ad for me—"The Change We Need"—below:

With Senator Obama supporting our message of change, we now need your help to keep that message on the air.

Voters in this Saturday's special election will face a stark choice: between Republican Jim Oberweis—who agrees with George W. Bush on "almost everything"—and me, Bill Foster, a businessman and scientist who will fight for a new direction in Washington alongside Barack Obama.

Like Senator Obama, I'll work to end to politics-as-usual. I'll fight to bring our troops home from Iraq and keep jobs right here in America. I'll be on the front lines standing up for children's health insurance and universal health care.

With your help, on this Saturday, March 8, Illinoisans will join together and send a message to Washington politicians that business-as-usual has ended.

Thank you for your support.

Bill Foster

p.s. If you can volunteer, we could use your help.

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