Contribute Now to October Sur-five

by Kane Miller


November 2 is only weeks away. Help us send an October Surprise to the GOP by supporting these important candidates. These five Democrats are locked in tough battles against Republicans varying from slightly crazy, to pretty crazy, to Rand Paul. As someone who only has so much to spare for political contributions, I hope you'll join me so we can maximize our impact while there's still time.

Jack Conway is running for the US Senate in Kentucky against Rand Paul, noted radical and opponent of such government overreaches as the Civil Rights Act. Conway is a solid Democrat who defied the odds to defeat a much more centrist Democrat in the primary. Having spent a fair amount of time in Kentucky, I can say with certainty that Rand Paul is decidedly outside of the mainstream in that state. Jack Conway can win there if we give him some help.

Patrick Murphy is a veteran of the Iraq war and a two-term incumbent Representative from the suburbs of Philadelphia. He has been a leader in Congress in the continuing fight to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The man he defeated in 2006 has returned looking to get his old job back.

John Boccieri has a long resume of public service, from being an Air Force Major, to working for middle-class families in the Ohio state legislature and now the United States House. He led in the passage of the HIRE act, providing tax incentives to businesses who bring on unemployed workers.

Freshman Democratic Representative Betsy Markey is seeking reelection from her purple district to continue working for change, as she has the past two years in supporting the Recovery Act and the Health Care Reform bill.

And finally, Joe Sestak is the Democrat nominee seeking to replace sometime-Democrat Arlen Specter in the United States Senate. A three-star Admiral, he is the highest-ranking member of the armed services to ever be elected to Congress. He is solid on key Democratic issues and needs our help to make his case to frustrated Pennsylvania voters. As if that weren't enough, his opponent is Pat Toomey, who makes Ronald Reagan look like FDR.

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Jack Conway Debt Retirement


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