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Donate now to put these ads on the air, and to support future spots! Tell obstructionist lawmakers that it's time to pass meaningful health care reform for the American people!

Meaningful health care reform is under a constant threat from obstructionist lawmakers who have repeatedly tried to defeat or neuter one of the most important pieces of legislation in our lifetimes. Right now is the time to send those lawmakers a clear message: support the passage of health care reform, and we will stand with you in 2010 and beyond; obstruct it, and we will work to replace you.

The Progressive Video Project, a volunteer group of professional filmmakers, has begun producing a series of video spots aimed squarely at these recalcitrant congresscritters. The first two are posted above. More will follow in the coming weeks. In addition to distributing them virally, we are raising funds to air them in the states of the lawmakers currently in the spotlight for their opposition to reform: Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, etc.

Please watch the videos. Please send them to as many people as you can. And most importantly: please donate to support airing these and future Netroots Media videos.

We are open to suggestions. We are open to volunteers. And we are open to any advice that will help to get this message out at this critical time.

Thanks for your attention.

Steven Deiker
Ted Deiker

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