Contribute Now to On The Road To 2008 - Change The Direction Of America Now!

by Daniel K

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The first step in turning this nation around is to take back control of Congress. Every little bit helps support a campaign. Please consider supporting these candidates in their effort to take back America. Thank you!

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner will truly represent the values of her constituents, unlike Dave Reichert who is a rubber stamp for the likes of Bush and Tom DeLay (he has voted with Tom DeLay 91.3% of the time), and "struggles" on issues that should be no-brainer votes. Compare them here.

Image of Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell


Maria Cantwell has fought the tough battles to protect our environment and support alternative fuel sources. We must ensure that she retains her seat so that a Democratic majority is returned to the Senate to provide the checks and balances necessary to counter the Bush administration.

Image of Peter Goldmark

Peter Goldmark


Peter Goldmark is the perfect candidate for eastern Washington. He's a rancher and a scientist with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, with a keen understanding of the needs of his district and the challenges of the future.

Image of Richard Wright

Richard Wright


Richard Wright is running to unseat the do-nothing Ethics Committee chairman Doc Hastings. We need representatives that enforce the rules, and don't kowtow to an ethic of corruption. Wright's background in health care makes him a strong candidate on one of this nations biggest issues.

ActBlue Washington

ActBlue needs help to expand their fundraising capacity into Washington state for local races. A donation will help them reach their $10,000 target to support the necessary staff and legal work needed to do so.

Rodney Tom


Rodney Tom has all the tools necessary to beat Luke Esser and put a strong voice for the issues Democrats care most about in the State Senate. Even before switching to the Democratic party he worked closely with Ross Hunter on issues like transportation and education.

Deb Eddy


Energetic, Deb Eddy was Kirkland's mayor and now is looking to ensure this Democratic seat stays that way after Tom beats Esser. She's all set to campaign and all the support you can provide will help greatly. Follow the links below.

Ross Hunter


Ross is a strong representative for the 48th and a big supporter of education. He broke through for the Democrats in the 48th and is leading the way for more good things in the future.

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