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by Daily Kos

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(since November 06, 2008)

You thought the 2008 election cycle was over? So did we. But we helped five of our candidates battle to virtual ties, and must now fight through final vote counts and potential recounts. This one ain't over guys, and the fate of five of our great candidates hangs in the balance.

Image of Franken Recount Fund

Franken Recount Fund

Franken trails by just slightly more than 200 votes out of 2.6 million cast. A recount is on its way. Help Al get every vote counted.

Image of Kilroy Counts Votes Committee

Kilroy Counts Votes Committee


Just 149 votes separate Kilroy from her opponent, with 27,000 absentee and provisional ballots left to be counted. In her 2006 race against then-incumbent Deborah Pryce, Kilroy gained almost 2,500 votes after all the provisional votes were counted, and came within 1,062 votes of winning. If we can keep up the fight, prospects are looking good.

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