Contribute Now to Equality for All

by Sara and Tracie


Dear Friends and Family,

We are writing to you because of a very serious issue facing voters this November in California. Proposition 8 is an initiative on the ballot that, if passed, could eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples. We are writing to ask you to do whatever you can to help defeat it. You know how important being treated equally is for every member of our community. Your friendship and love has sustained our family many times over the years—through good times and hard times and we need your continued support. The coming election will directly impact our family and the lives of many, many more. That’s why we're asking for your support again. Please, vote No on Prop 8.

All same-sex couples in California now have the same rights and protections that all other committed and loving couples enjoy. We can’t tell you how powerful that is, to share the same fundamental freedoms as everyone else, to no longer be treated differently and have the same protections under the law. Most importantly, our children and all others deserve the right to have their family treated equally. That fairness is so important. We firmly believe that committed and loving couples who want to accept the responsibility that comes with marriage should be treated just like everyone else. Please support our family and others so that Tracie, myself and our children are treated equally.

This issue means everything to us, our family and those we love which is why we are asking you now to Vote NO on Proposition 8—the marriage ban. Our Constitution was designed to provide equal protections under the law for all of us in California and SHOULD NOT be used to treat people differently. That’s what we think this election is all about—fairness and equality. Your love and support for our family has meant the world to us.

We’ve come a long way, but the fight is far from over. We need your support now more than ever. Please, Vote NO on Proposition 8 and tell others to do the same. Together, we are positive that we can help make our state a more accepting and loving place to live.

Please help us by Voting NO on 8 and contributing to our fundraising page.

With love, Tracie, Sara and the boys

Our donations are on behalf of our friends, families and their recent marriages: Pam and Lynn Jocee and Tally Susan and Lenny

Equality for All