Contribute Now to Oust Jack Kingston; Elect Bill Gillespie, GA-01

by Blue South Georgia


Jack Kingston called Obama unpatriotic before Michelle Bachmann, and Kingston is worse than Saxby Chambliss on the middle class, on veterans' issues, and on the environment. All that and more, plus Jack's just plain embarrassing!

Update: Goal met! Bill Gillespie raised $3K in a day! You can't tell it from the thermometer, because not all of it went through there, and not all went through ActBlue. Feel free to continue to donate: there are other uses for more money.

Update: Less than $2,000 still needed to saturate cable TV (more than $1,000 received this morning).

Update: Only $3,000 to saturate TV in the district until election day. But don't stop there: if we go over, Bill can use it for newspaper ads, broadcast TV, yard signs, travel, etc.

Update: Major endorsement from newspapers distributed throughout the district:

Coastal Empire News, publishers of Savannah Daily News, The Business Report & Journal and Coastal Family Magazine, is endorsing Savannah's Bill Gillespie (D) for Congress to represent the 1st Congressional District over incumbent Jack Kingston ( R).
Lt. Col. Bill Gillespie quit the Army to run for Congress after he discovered in Iraq that it was the wrong war at the wrong time, and while running ROTC he discovered GA-01's biggest export is our children. Bill wants to end the war and use the money saved for healthcare and education. He wants to build renewable energy manufacturing in south Georgia so our children can come home to good jobs in a clean environment, and get good health care without going broke or losing retirement to do it.

brunswickdebate.pngSee Bill debate Jack on the issues. Jack poses as a champion of the middle class, but Bill calls him on it, pointing to, which gives Jack an F year after year. Jack cancelled the next two debates, leaving Bill with 30 minutes of free state-wide TV time on Sunday October 26th.

Update: Jack showed up after all, but but Bill won.

When people hear about BIll, they want to vote for him. You can get Bill Gillespie's TV ads on the air more, send out postcards, print yard signs, and get ads in newspapers.

All the pundits say he can't do it? Not the ones who have been paying attention:

What might be impossible in normal times (unseating an incumbent), just might be possible this year. Obama has energized a lot of people. There are 45,000 newly registered Democrats in the 1st District. And then there is the economy, which has certainly proven that Republicans must be doing something wrong.
The stars are aligned for Bill Gillespie!

Hear Bill tell his story. Listen to the audience!

Bill Gillespie can beat Jack Kingston, and you can help. Replace the leader of the GOP theme team with a progressive Democrat!

Image of Bill Gillespie

Bill Gillespie