Contribute Now to Time to send John Boehner Packing-$1 Friday events.

by Darrick Sharp

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(since August 19, 2011)

We are all tired of the direction John Boehner wants to take our country and are going to work on sending him to early retirement in November 2012. So every Friday we will be holding events in my Facebook group, Time to send John Boehner Packing.

The weekly events mission will to be to raise some cash for the OH-8 Democratic Nominee. The theme is $1 Friday. So come each Friday if you have a extra $1, pitch in to this page and it will go towards sending John Boehner packing.

.2012 OH-08 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by John Boehner (R). Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.