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by Mike S

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Overseas Democrats: Asia-Pacific was set up as a clearinghouse for Democrats who live in the Asia-Pacific region.

Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad maintains the easy-to-use (VFA) website. The VFA website helps overseas Americans request their ballots. Democrats Abroad is engaged in Get Out the Vote efforts which include in-person voter assistance, advertisements in the International press and hosting hundreds of events throughout the world including the Global Primary, regional & global conventions, etc.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) - OLD ENTITY

The DNC, as part of it's 50 state strategy, helps Overseas Democrats by helping pay for a staffer who works on Democrats Abroad issues exlusively at the DNC office in DC.

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Jeff Merkley


Democratic Candidate for US Senate. Merkley is attempting to unseat Gordon Smith (R-OR), an unpopular pretend 'maverick' whose lockstep support of the Administration always, somehow, moderates when he's up for re-election. Merkley is the first US Senate candidate to sign onto 'A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.

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Darcy Burner


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Tom Geoghegan


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