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This is a critically important time for our nation. I formed PAC for a Change to change the direction the right-wing extremists in Congress are taking our country.

We made a huge difference in 2006, and already we are seeing the benefits of real oversight and accountability. But we can do better -- today, I urge you to support the fine candidates listed on this page. Let's show the strength of our PAC for a Change community!

-- Barbara

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


Congressman Tom Allen has entered the race and is eager to hold Susan Collins accountable for her record on the Iraq War and the failures of the Bush administration. Collins will try to cast herself as a moderate but she has consistently stood with the Bush administration's failed policies, giving Bush a vote in favor of an open-ended American commitment in Iraq by opposing a timetable for withdrawal. She has collected over $800,000 from special interest groups this year, demonstrating that she is not the outsider she portrays herself to be.

Image of Max Baucus

Max Baucus


In 2001, Senator Baucus co-wrote and passed a bill that provided monumental tax relief for millions of Americans. It included major expansions for working Americans in the earned income tax credit, the child tax credit and savings vehicles. He has also demonstrated considerable leadership in health care legislation. In 2003, Senator Baucus promoted a major prescription drug and health care law that will provide prescription drug benefits for millions of seniors.

Image of Joe Biden

Joe Biden


As the fourth most senior Democratic Senator, Joe Biden has been a key player on issues ranging from foreign policy to crime. An outspoken critic of President Bush's war in Iraq, Joe Biden has worked tirelessly to bring our troops home and bring the war in Iraq to an end. Joe also authored the landmark Violence Against Women's Act, which provided for shelters and a national hotline where abused women could call for help. This legislation has helped thousands of women receive the care and protection they need.

Image of Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin


In his four years on the Appropriations Committee, Durbin has helped to secure funding for childcare centers, school, highways and military bases. Also, in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Durbin used his position on the Appropriations Committee to advocate for Homeland Security funding. Senator Durbin is a key player in the Democratic Party, having been elected by his fellow Senators to be the Assistant Minority Leader, also known as the Democratic Whip, in 2004.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Norm Coleman continues to serve as a handmaiden to George Bush, voting with him 90% of the time. His support of Bush's Iraq war and his cynical compromises on issues like stem cells and ANWR demonstrate his taste for political opportunism over the interests of average Minnesotan families. Satirist and political commentator Al Franken is campaigning to hold him accountable. Al has also founded a political action committee, Midwest Values PAC, which raised over $1.1 million for Democrats across Minnesota and around the country. Minnesota is a blue state and Coleman is running with low approval ratings in a presidential year. This spells trouble for Republican efforts to hold this seat.

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


Kay Hagan has served in North Carolina's State Senate for five terms, where she was named one of North Carolina's "Ten Most Effective Senators" three terms in a row by the non-partisan North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research. As a State Senator, Kay helped stimulate economic development, increased teacher pay, and broadened early childhood education. Kay Hagan's opponent, Senator Elizabeth Dole, is wrong on issues ranging from the environment to a woman's right to choose.

Image of Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin


Senator Harkin has focused much of his attention on healthcare. He led an effort to root out waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and is now working to give seniors help with the rising costs of prescription drugs. Senator Harkin also authored the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, the landmark legislation that protects the civil rights of more than 54 million Americans with physical and mental disabilities.

Image of Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson


Senator Johnson worked hard to introduce several bills to reduce the skyrocketing cost of prescriptions, including The Rx Relief for Seniors Act that would provide seniors with a refundable tax credit to offset their prescription drug payments for 2001. He also supporte supported legislation to make our airports more secure when he voted to pass Aviation Security legislation on October 11, 2001. The bill puts the federal government in charge of security at airports, including baggage screening.

Image of John Kerry

John Kerry


John Kerry is a proven leader in American foreign policy. His work for 19 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, ranging from that of the Iran-Contra scandal to his leadership on AIDS, has proven him to be one of our nation's most respected voices on international affairs. He also worked on a bipartisan American response to September 11th and has been a leading voice on American policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war on terrorism, the Middle East peace process and Israel's security.

Image of Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu


Senator Landrieu played a key role in the successful and historic passage of the bipartisan Domenici-Landrieu Gulf Coast Security legislation. It dedicates over $40 billion over the next fifty years in new funds to Louisiana levees, flood control and wetlands restoration. This important legislation will provide the United States with environmentally sustainable oil supplies and ease dependence on the volatile Middle Eastern oil sources.

Image of Larry LaRocco

Larry LaRocco


Larry Craig announced in September 2007 that his resignation is on hold. Regardless, he plans to retire at the end of his term so his seat will be open in 2008. While Idaho is a GOP-heavy state, Democrats received a sizable boost in the 2006 midterms. Former Congressman Larry LaRocco, a businessman and Army veteran, is running an aggressive grassroots campaign. During his two terms in the United States House of Representatives, LaRocco earned a reputation for hard work and bi-partisanship. He has worked to help preserve both Idaho's precious natural resources and the access to public lands that hunters, fishermen, and all Idahoans treasure.

Image of Frank Lautenberg

Frank Lautenberg


Lautenberg has promoted multiple bills that ensure the health of all Americans. He pushed for anti-smoking legislation and wrote a law that prohibited smoking on most commercial airline flights. He also authored the Ryan White Care Act, which provides programs for patients with AIDS.

Image of Carl Levin

Carl Levin


Carl has fought for energy policies that decrease our dependence on foreign oil and protect our national energy security. He has pushed for renewable energy sources, environmentally responsible domestic production, and tax incentives for energy efficiency and advanced automobile technology. Senator Levin also cares deeply about having legislature free of corruption, as he was the principal author of the Ethics Reform Act in 1989. The law prohibited members of Congress from accepting gifts from special interests.

Image of Bruce Lunsford

Bruce Lunsford


As the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell has continually blocked any meaningful change in the President's Iraq policy and repeatedly defended the status quo. According to a poll completed by Research 2000, more than half of Kentucky voters disapprove of the way Sen. Mitch McConnell has handled legislative issues regarding the post-war occupation of Iraq. Businessman Bruce Lunsford is an entrepreuner who co-founded and chairs what is now Ventas, a thriving healthcare real estate company.

Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley


Gordon Smith is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in 2008. Smith stands with George Bush -- voting with him over 90% of the time -- and Democratic Oregon Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley is ready to hold him accountable. Democrats are prepared to hold Smith's feet to the fire for his staunch support of Bush's flawed Iraq policy. The DSCC has already run ads against Gordon Smith for his votes supporting Bush's Iraq escalation plan. In sharp contrast to Smith, Speaker Merkley fights for Oregon by passing important legislation on healthcare, ethics reform, and predatory lending. Oregon is a blue state and Smith's faults will be difficult for voters to overlook in 2008.

Image of Ronnie Musgrove

Ronnie Musgrove


Minority Whip Trent Lott resigned at the end of 2007, putting his seat into play for the 2008 election cycle. Republican Governor Haley Barbour appointed Congressman Roger Wicker to fill Lott's seat until the November election. In November, Wicker will face former Governor Ronnie Musgrove for the seat. Ronnie Musgrove has dedicated his life to serving the people of Mississippi. For over two decades, he's taken a leading role in the State to improve education, expand economic development, and ensure that government lives within its means. During hid tenure as Governor of Mississippi, he helped create over 52,000 new jobs, brought more than $14 billion in new investments to the state, invested in creating rural jobs, and brought Nissan to Mississippi, which was the largest economic development project in state history.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


As a current Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard and an accomplished member of the Texas House of Representatives, Rick knows how urgent it is that we bring our troops home from Iraq, enact a new energy policy, and provide real solutions to reverse Bush's failed economic policy. He has served in the Armed Forces for nearly 30 years, and was the Incident Commander of Houston's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and coordinated medical, housing and food services for over 2,000 evacuees to support those in need. Rick Noriega has always been there to serve our country -- whether it's during a time of war, in the chaos of a humanitarian crisis, or in the Texas House of Representatives. But now he needs our help to take on John Cornyn, a well-funded incumbent who has the backing of powerful special interest groups in Washington D.C.

Image of Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor


Senator Pryor was one of the bipartisan group of Senators to join the Iraq Study Group Legislation. The purpose of proposing the Group's legislation was to find common ground among Democrats and Republicans on policy for the War in Iraq. He also has promoted environment-friendly legislation such as the Smart Buildings Act of 2007. The Act pushed for the implementation of newer, more energy-efficient cooling and heating equipment on commercial buildings.

Image of Jack Reed

Jack Reed


Jack Reed has been a strong advocate of legislation that benefits the health of all Americans. He supported a bill that makes communication between doctors more efficient, and also secured more money for programs that provide immunizations and prevent diseases. Senator Reed also promoted legislation that increased the Medicaid rebate for generic medications and he is in favor of giving Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Image of Jay Rockefeller

Jay Rockefeller


Senator Rockefeller has pushed for bills that make our country more secure. He promoted the 2004 National Intelligence Reform Bill, which gave a new Director of Intelligence the ability to facilitate cooperation between all 15 agencies within the intelligence community. Senator Rockefeller has also worked to secure more funding for first responders to disasters so that Americans receive quicker and more efficient help in the event of an emergency.

Image of Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen


Jeanne's been involved in New Hampshire -- as a parent, and a high school teacher, in local government as chair of Madbury's zoning board, and a State Senator before being elected Governor. Jeanne Shaheen is campaigning to hold incumbent John Sununu accountable for his staunch support of President Bush and the Iraq War. Pundits view this seat as a top pick-up opportunity.

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


Mark Udall is a fifth-term Congressman serving the 2nd Congressional District of Colorado. As early as his first term, Udall passed an important bill to strengthen Colorado's oversight of radioactive waste. He reached across party lines to designate the Rocky Flats as a wildlife refuge, and is the author of a bill that would reduce wildfire risks in Colorado. Demonstrating leadership on key issues facing our country today, Mark Udall opposed the resolution authorizing the war in Iraq and has been a strong proponent of a new, national energy policy.

Image of Tom Udall

Tom Udall


On October 4, 2007, longtime Republican Senator Pete Domenici announced his retirement. The Democratic nominee is Congressman Tom Udall who has earned a reputation as a principled leader who has the integrity to do what is right for New Mexico. In the House, Tom wrote and passed a bill to establish a national renewable energy standard to create good jobs, reinvigorate our economy and reduce global warming. He has been a champion of expanding preventive health care. He voted against the Iraq War and has called for the responsible redeployment of our troops out of Iraq. Tom has also consistently championed tougher ethics laws both as Attorney General and in Congress where he voted to create an independent commission to investigate corruption among members of Congress.

Image of Mark Warner

Mark Warner


During his governorship in Virginia from 2002-2006, Mark Warner's administration transformed $6 billion in budget shortfalls into a surplus. With the surplus, Governor Warner reinvested into K-12 education and the state's higher public education system. Governing Magazine called Virginia "the best managed state in the nation" while Mark Warner was Governor. Mark is often praised for his ability to formulate practical and bipartisan approaches to issues confronting Americans.

Image of Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

Senator Boxer formed PAC for a Change to change the direction the right-wing extremists in Congress are taking our country. Senator Boxer's PAC for a Change is an effective, progressive organization that supports the basic values that a majority of Americans share -- basic human rights, economic justice for all and social justice.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


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