Contribute Now to Teabag Joe "the LIAR" Wilson

by Roma Victor


We must come together and defeat the liars, the fear mongers, the ignorance and pure thuggery of the republicans. Help Rob Miller (D) a good man who served his country in war, to defeat Joe Wilson who LIED by calling President Obama a liar during his address to congress on September 9, 2009.

This is the most effective way to get our voices heard and warn all republicans, if you disrespect our President and his office, there will be serious consequences. Leaving messages, emailing, writing letters to politician do not change their minds. It is the almighty dollar that gets them to listen to you. That is why corporations have had the upper hand over the average american for decades, they had the power of money.

Not anymore. If we come together and support the candidate we prefer like we did with President Obama last year, we can take that power back from the corporations and the republicans who are owned lot, stock and barrel by corporate america.

Thank you for your generous participation.

God bless America.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller