Contribute Now to Participate in Wisconsin

by the ActBlue Team


Thanks to ActBlue, they don't have to. ActBlue enables them to participate in these defining political moments from their home or office computer. A $15 recurring contribution to ActBlue is all it takes to ensure that channel will be there for the tens of thousands of Americans who want to make a difference today, and in the future.

But don't just take our word for it.

Here's Karen from California:

All of us out here in the rest of the country appreciate how you've made it easy for us to contribute to the forces opposing the union-busting in the Midwest--keep it up!
And Joel:
Thank you ActBlue for the ability to help out for those of us that support and cannot attend these rallies! Go WI union!
Remember: Joel and Karen depend on ActBlue, and ActBlue depends on you.

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