Contribute Now to Netroots: Stand with Paul Evans

by Kari Chisholm

Image of Paul Evans

Paul Evans


Paul Evans is the Democratic candidate for the #1 targeted red-to-blue Oregon State Senate seat. He's a great candidate, will be a strong and progressive leader, and - most of all - he needs our help.

You see, Paul has answered the call. Before the election, Major Paul Evans is heading to Afghanistan - his eighth trip to a combat zone - to help support our troops as an air battle commander.

As US Senator Max Cleland said when he visited Oregon for Paul:

"He (Evans) comes back after touring Bosnia, after touring Kuwait, after two tours in Iraq, and says 'people of Oregon; people of America, it is time to change course.' All of his adult life he has spent in public service. We have a legitimate American hero in Paul Evans. This man has one of the most distinguished records of public service and military service I know of in this country. He is an asset."

Stand with Paul Evans. Support his campaign.