Wisconsin Peace Candidates

by Paul Kawika Martin

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Baldwin and Zerban are in close races. That's why Peace Action is sending our Field Director to Wisconsin to work in their campaigns. The more money we raise for our PAC the longer we can have her on the ground working for peace.

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Peace Action

Peace Action PAC donates money, organizers and resources to those peace candidates that have a chance to win and believe in the values of peace through human rights and international cooperation, less spending on bloated Pentagon budgets and a world free of nuclear weapons.

Image of Rob Zerban

Rob Zerban


Not only does Mr. Zerban want deep cuts to the Pentagon and to end the Afghanistan war as soon as possible, but he would replace the right-wing Paul Ryan who wants to decimate social services.

Image of Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin


Rep. Baldwin has been a long-time progressive leader in Congress. She has been a strong opponent to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let's get her elected to the Senate.

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