Contribute Now to Pay It Forward

by The ActBlue Team


At ActBlue, we've tied our success to Democratic success: our operations are funded by tips and direct donations from our users. When folks use ActBlue to donate to Democrats they're not just building a more accountable Democratic Party, they're helping us continue our valuable work.

This year, our small organization is facing an increase in healthcare costs. Across 2010, we expect to spend about $12,000 more than we did in 2009 to provide our employees with the sort of coverage that every working American deserves.

We'd like your help. If we can get just 70 people to pledge $15 a month to ActBlue for the next 12 months, that will cover the cost of providing our employees with the sort of health security that the Democrats have worked so hard to bring to the American people.

70 people. 15 dollars. 12 months.

That's all it takes to extend a helping hand to the people who have sent over $129 million to Democrats across all 50 states.

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