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Jim Martin is facing Saxby Chambliss in the Dec. 2nd Georgia run-off.
There are many reasons to support Jim Martin, a strong progressive, a veteran, a proven leader.
And as many reasons to defeat Chambliss, not least of which is his shameful treatment of Max Cleland during their campaign and his current pandering to fear and right-wing-nuttery with the use of 9/11 images in his ads.
We need Jim Martin in the U.S. Senate for Georgia to support President Obama and a progressive agenda, to give voice to the New South.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


"Hardworking middle class Georgians need a leader who will stand up for them in the Senate, instead of the special interests Saxby's been serving. The choice in this runoff is clear: Jim Martin will work with Barack Obama to deliver for Georgia families, and Saxby Chambliss will obstruct change and continue his record of fighting for the special interests bankrolling his campaign."