Contribute Now to Join Us to Stop Prop 8

by Debbie Tibbetts


No matter how you feel about same sex marriage Prop 8 is placing a group a folks into a 2nd class citizenship role.

The yes on Prop 8 people are spreading lies to accomplish this task. California already has many laws in place that restricts adding any lessons to a teaching curriculum without parental approval.

They also want to put their religious beliefs into the California constitution, thus mixing state and church which is in direct opposition to what the constitution is all about.

We live in an age where we should all be beyond the feelings of hate towards other people because of their differences. We should embrace everyone because of the great diversity that each person brings to the world. What a wonderful tapestry of life we could all make together if given a fair and equal chance.

Please join me in a greatly needed donation to the no on prop 8 fund so they can air a very hard hitting ad on TV.

Thanks for your help, and peace be with you. Debbie

Equality for All