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by The ActBlue Team


On a dark and stormy night in mid-May, Rep. Joe Sestak defeated Arlen Specter to win the Democratic nomination in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Hundreds of miles southwest, Bill Halter and incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln are headed into a runoff election.

The country noticed. POLITICO co-founders John Harris and Jim Vandehei wrote of "A genuine national phenomenon" and "a stark and potentially durable change in politics." But it's hardly new. At Netroots Nation 2009, we spoke with Rep. Joe Sestak long before the national media noticed his campaign and asked him what he thought of ActBlue. Here's what he had to say:

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For half a decade ActBlue has taken your voice and amplified it. We've shown reporters, legislators, candidates and staffers the power that your voice represents. Today, we'd like to ask you to chip in and work toward a people-powered politics.

Remember, Democratic innovation depends on ActBlue, and we depend on you.

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