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by Owen Perkins


Thanks for your interest in contributing to my campaign for the office of Colorado State Representative, House District 2.

We ran a first-rate campaign, and I'm proud of our efforts and the work we accomoplished over an 18-month journey. Your support is helping to close the books on the campaign and to finish what we started. I enjoyed the opportunity to maintain constant contact with residents through going door-to-door in the district, sending regular newsletters, announcements, and invitations to important events, and maintaining a comprehensive web site filled with resources for the residents of House District 2 and beyond.

With contributions from individuals capped at $800 per election cycle, state legislative races remain a place where your support can make a significant impact. I have never accepted contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs) or Small Donor Committees (SDCs), and I never will. Your support represents grassroots democracy at its best.

Thanks again for ensuring your voice is heard in the Colorado State House!

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Owen Perkins


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