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Congratulations to our contest winners!

  • Gary Peters raised the most money, and received a $3000 match from the People For Voters Alliance and $1000 from Jared Polis.
  • Victoria Wulsin had won the prize for most donors* and got a $2000 match from the DCCC Red to Blue Chairs.
  • Dennis Shulman was the runner up, and got a $1000 from the DCCC Red to Blue Chairs.

The contest is over, but don't let up! With your help all these candidates will be progressive champions in the next Congress!

* - (Peters actually had a few more, but the rules said one prize per candidate!)

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


No one knows the grassroots like Carol Shea Porter. In 2006, she was the unexpected victor in both the primary and general elections. Now the GOP is trying to snatch back the seat from this unabashed progressive. She’s stood firm against right-wing bullying, and she deserves our support.

Image of Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett


Charlie Dent, the incumbent in this race, claims to be a moderate, but his record says otherwise. He voted against health care for children, he said, because of concerns about “illegal immigrants.” Sam Bennett is pro-choice, pro-public education and a better fit for the district.

Image of Donald Betts Jr.

Donald Betts Jr.


As a State Senator, Donald Betts helped lead the fight against a voter ID bill that would have disenfranchised thousands of voters. Now he’s taking on a GOP incumbent who opposed ENDA and the Fair Pay Act.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Far-right Congressman John Doolittle is anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-public education. Common-sense progressive Charlie Brown will fight for stem cell research, stand up to anti-gay discrimination, and defend public education for all.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner came within a few percentage points of defeating incumbent Republican Dave Reichert in 2006. Since then, she's earned overwhelming netroots support for her unflagging support of progressive issues and tireless fighting spirit.

Image of Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook


Debbie Cook is as good as incumbent Dana Rohrabacher is bad. This is an opportunity to replace one of the biggest roadblocks to progressive legislation with one of the biggest champions.

Image of Larry Joe Doherty

Larry Joe Doherty


Doherty gained fame as the host of the “Texas Justice” television. Now he wants to fight for justice on the national stage. He’s pro-choice, pro-equality, and has strong support from organized labor.

Image of Judy Feder

Judy Feder


Virginia is turning blue this election, and Judy Feder could be the person to pick up one more congressional seat for the Democrats. Not only is Feder strongly pro-choice and pro-equality, she’s also a recognized expert on health care policy.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia


Garcia has become the “go-to” person in the Miami Cuban community on progressive issues. Now he’s positioned to win in a long-time GOP stronghold -- by running a powerful, progressive campaign.

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


Ric Keller is one of the most conservative members in Congress, but he might not be after this year. Alan Grayson is pro-choice, pro-equality, and a breath of fresh air in central Florida.

Image of Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich


When Heather Wilson left her seat in Congress to campaign for the Senate, she offered Democrats one of their best pick-up opportunities. Martin Heinrich is the person to capitalize on that opportunity. He’s already demonstrated his progressive bona fides as a City Councilman. Now it’s time to send him to Congress.

Image of Jim Himes

Jim Himes


Jim Himes is ready to pick up the last GOP-held house seat in New England. A solid progressive, Himes will replace an incumbent who has pushed anti-public education voucher schemes and opposed a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Kissel is taking on far-right Congressman Robin Hayes, a darling of the Family Research Council and other right-wing groups. Kissell is committed to defending choice, privacy, and a fair tax code, and he’ll stand firm against pro-torture legislation.

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Congressman Randy Kuhl is one of George W. Bush’s strongest allies in the House, but he’s facing a tough challenge from veteran Eric Massa, a strong progressive who nearly won in ’06.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


Virgil Goode has run a nasty campaign against Tom Perriello (no surprise from the man who gained fame attacking the religious beliefs of the nation’s first Muslim Congressman) but Perriello has worked hard to earn the support of the progressive community and he’s already put the district in play.

Image of Gary Peters

Gary Peters


Pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-public education, pro-labor candidate Gary Peters has been fighting hard to knock off incumbent Joe Knollenberg. In the crucial state of Michigan, he’s pushed a progressive message, and he’s meeting with resounding success.

Image of Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer


Tim Wallenberg is so conservative that he was among only 36 members of the House to oppose Head Start. Mark Schauer has fought hard for quality education for every Michigan resident. Now he’s ready to bring his voice to the U.S. Congress.

Image of Dan Seals

Dan Seals


Republican incumbent Mark Kirk votes with George W. Bush 90% of the time, but claims to be “independent.” In 2006, he nearly lost to a candidate who’s truly independent: progressive Democrat Dan Seals. Seals is running again, and his race offers one of the best pick up opportunities of the cycle.

Image of Dennis Shulman

Dennis Shulman


Schulman is challenging arch-conservative Representative E. Scott Garrett who opposed Head Start, aid to Katrina victims, and SCHIP. Shulman has raised his voice for church-state separation, choice, gay rights, and public education. Progressives have an excellent pick-up opportunity in this district.

Image of Annette Taddeo OLD

Annette Taddeo OLD


Annette Taddeo is bringing a progressive voice to South Florida -- and to Congress. She’s taking on Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has voted against SCHIP and stem-cell research, and supported extending troubling provisions of the Patriot Act.

Image of Doug Tudor

Doug Tudor


A progressive and a 22 year Navy veteran, Tudor is challenging far-right Republican Adam Putnam who is anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-public education. Tudor will fight for a humane immigration policy and has earned the support of the progressive netroots.

Image of Russ Warner

Russ Warner


Challenging entrenched incumbent David Drier isn’t easy, but Warner has brought dogged hard work and a fighting spirit to the race. Pushing a progressive, message, he’s positioned himself to win in November and knock out a far-right incumbent.

Barry Welsh


Indiana’s 6th District presents a perfect opportunity to replace a fire-breathing conservative with a solid progressive. Incumbent Mike Pence has long opposed gay rights and reproductive freedom -- now he’s voting against fair pay for women as well. Barry Welsh has distinguished himself with support of church-state separation, choice, and equal rights for all.

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


In 2006, Wulsin lost to incumbent Jean Schmidt by only a single percentage point. Now we have another opportunity to replace a right-wing ideologue with a strong progressive. Vic Wulsin will be a strong voice for choice, public education, health care, and equal rights for all.

Image of People for the American Way Action Fund

People for the American Way Action Fund

The People For Action Fund is dedicated to building a powerful progressive movement to safeguard the American values of diversity, liberty, and equal opportunity for all. We’re promoting progressive candidates and causes today – and expanding the political power of the progressive movement for years to come.

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