Contribute Now to Support Tom Perriello

by Drew Richardson


Congressman Tom PerrielloAmongst many things during his first term, Congressman Tom Perriello has courageously fought to help the middle class in difficult economic times, to make health care more available and at a lesser cost to more of our citizens, and to exercise responsible stewardship of our environment.

I truly believe he has taken these actions with only the interests of his constituents and our commonwealth and nation in mind. It is because of this selfless approach to government that we need Congressman Perriello in office and why we must focus on the next election even as he has not.

The opposition party is quite mindful of Virginia’s 5th congressional district and who represents it. They and their national committee have attacked Congressman Perriello from the day he took office. In 2009, voter turnout would suggest Virginia Democrats rested on the laurels of the historic 2008-election cycle. We cannot afford to make this mistake in 2010, especially in the 5th District.

I don’t think the importance of the 2010 elections and the significance of the outcome in Virginia’s 5th can be over emphasized. Join me, other citizens of Virginia’s 6th congressional district, and other Virginians in supporting Congressman Perriello. Contribute generously today.

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Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello