Contribute Now to The Small-Dollar Democratic Revolution

by The ActBlue Team


At ActBlue, we work every day to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. It's not easy, and there are a lot of folks working to drown out the voice of the American people: former Bush administration figures, the right-wing noise machine and TARP-fueled bank lobbyists, to name just a few. Your $15 recurring donation ensures that we can keep the volume at 11, and make sure that it's your voice and your concerns that our leaders in Washington hear.

Your $15 recurring contribution to ActBlue will mark you as one of our elite supporters, committed to keeping Democrats and the American people in the driver's seat. We're very pleased to welcome you into that community with an exclusive ActBlue member pin. Union-made in the United States, this is the same pin worn by our most successful candidates and fundraisers..

Remember, every dollar sends a message. Your $15 recurring contribution to ActBlue says that you're committed to moving Democratic politics in a more participatory direction and that you want real Democrats, not lobbyists and corporations, to define America's agenda.

From all of us at ActBlue, thanks.

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