Contribute Now to Don't Bank on Bankers

by The ActBlue Team


To understand why ActBlue is so important, just look at the financial reform bill. According to POLITICO, Wall Street moguls are hopping mad about the Democrats efforts to curb the their reckless behavior. One financial executive implied that the Democrats were shameless for trying to fundraise from the business community, and a banker called those efforts "unseemly at best."

In short, because Democrats are trying to solve the problems facing our country, bankers and financial executives have cut them off. Democrats are in a bind--they need money to run successful campaigns, but the banking industry prefers its bosom buddies in the Republican Party.

That's where ActBlue comes in.

The contributions that ActBlue sends to Democrats come from individuals as diverse as our country, the kind of folks who don't get seven-figure bonuses. ActBlue has sent $140 million to Democrats, and the average donation size is only $130. In other words, ActBlue allows ordinary Americans to play politics with Wall Street wallets. That means a louder voice for the American people in our nation's capitol, and leaders who are free to address American problems rather than corporate ones.

At ActBlue, we fund our work with $15 recurring contributions from our users. If you value a politics that is more about solving problems than soothing egos, then please:

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