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by Lee Rogers for Congress


Lee C. Rogers, DPM is a board certified podiatrist and medical director of the Amputation Prevention Center at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys. Lee is a leader in his field and has won several national awards for research and advocacy. Lee has been published in over 100 articles or books on health policy and preventing amputations in diabetes. Lee’s work has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, US News & World Report and several other news outlets. Lee is the medical director of Paradigm Medical Management, a California company with 50 employees, which helps hospitals design and implement successful inpatient and outpatient wound care programs. Lee sits on the board of directors of the Los Angeles County Podiatric Medical Society.

Lee describes himself as a Democrat of moderate ideology who supports ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and strengthening programs like Medicare and Social Security. As a doctor, Lee understands the tough position of physicians and hospitals which care for patients and continue to see dwindling reimbursements and increasing regulation.

Why Is Lee Running for Congress? "Like many Americans, I'm fed up with the partisanship in Washington and a congress that is dominated by career politicians. Our nation's financial woes are largely caused by irresponsible behavior by officials we've sent to Washington. We need legislators who will be accountable to their districts, not to special interest groups or party interests.

What Can You Do to Help? First, become involved in your communities, in APMA, and contribute to APMA PAC. Second, understand that congressional races are expensive. Lee is willing to sacrifice time and income to help our country, but he can't do it without contributions to get the message out. Please consider donating $250 or more to Lee's campaign to help send APMA's Rising Star to Congress!

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