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By and large I fight to support Democrats against Republicans. I am proud to have been part, no matter how small, of the 2006 victory. And I have already raised a few thousand dollars for 2008 races.

But sometimes Democratic Primaries catch my attention. This page is dedicated to fighting WITHIN the Democratic Party, trying to defeat corrupt or excessively conservative Democrats and support Progressive Democrats. I pick these races very carefully because by and large I feel primaries should be fought within a district. But sometimes the nation has to get together to help. For the record, I already helped a progressive Democrat win against an insurance company shill for the Democratic primary for Mississippi Insurance Commissioner. So it can be done!

Image of Diane Benson

Diane Benson


Diane is an ideal candidate, particularly for Alaska, the land of the rugged individualist. She has been a truck driver, commercial fisherman, and has worked to fight child abuse. She is running for Alaska's only House seat against Don Young, a Republican widely known for his extreme corruption. She also faces a primary challenge from two other democrats. One is going nowhere, but the other is raising about the same amount as money as Diane but is a mainstream machine Dem. Benson is a working class person, not a lawyer, and I think we need more working class Americans in Congress. Benson has been endorsed by Bill Richardson, Max Cleland, National Women's Political Caucus and Alaska Women's Political Caucus.

Image of Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich


The man who is pushing hardest for impeachment and withdrawal from Iraq is being challenged in a primary. I never supported Kucinich for President, but I am sure as hell glad we have him in Congress because he helps strengthen the spines of other Congressional Reps. Let's show the Democrats that we DO support impeachment, withdrawal from Iraq, AND Democrats with spines.

Image of Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen


Steve Cohen is one of the more progressive members of Congress. He is being targeted by the DLC and by anti-Semitic groups who accuse him, I kid you not, of "hating Jesus." He is being targeted because he is Jewish. Disgusting. You can read more about this primary here.

Image of Stephen A. Harrison

Stephen A. Harrison


This one is personal. Steve Harrison ran against Republican Vito Fossella in 2006 for the NY-13 Congressional seat. He was ignored by the DCCC and by, but made quite an impression in the district, which is near my own. He is honest, approachable and is able to connect both with progressives and moderate Republicans. This district is more conservative than most NYC districts, and Harrison is a good fit. He is pro-gay marriage, strongly in favor of withdrawal from Iraq, and was endorsed by the NY Times in 2006.

Steve is being opposed in the primary by the local Democratic machine who did nothing to try to win in 2006. He is endorsed by Democracy for NYC and the local grassroots progressives.

Please help me elect Steve Harrison to Congress, beating both a corrupt Democrat and a Bush Republican. Again, this one is really personal. I know Steve and really want to help him out. You can read more about Steve here.

Jimmy Dahroug


Jimmy Dahroug is running for State Senate in Suffolk County, NY. He came close to winning in 2006 and is eager for a rematch. This time he has been raising money like crazy and is getting stronger backing. Problem is, the local Dem establishment has decided to run a Republican against him in the primary! Yes, a Republican who has supported every Republican from Nixon to George W. Bush has switched last minute to run as a Democrat against Jimmmy. This is a stupid and losing strategy. Let's help Jimmy win against a Republican in the primary, then against the incumbent Republican in the general election. If we want to flip New York's State Senate to Blue, winning this seat is an absolute must!

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Okay, this is a Progressive no brainer. He is likely going to be the candidate to defeat Coleman. So donate now to support one of our best progressives in Minnesota. You all know him. Now donate so we can get used to Senator Franken.

AL FRANKEN WON THE PRIMARY. Now we have to get him elected in the general election.

Image of Ed Fallon

Ed Fallon


We lost this primary.

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