Contribute Now to Vulnerable Democrats who are doing good things

by pickandshovel

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Vulnerable Democrats who are doing good things, including opposing the capitulation bill, and much else. To be on this list you have to 1) Not be one of the 86 who gave Bush a blank check; 2) Have a liberal voting record and either 3) Have won with 55% or less in 2006 or 4) Come from a district Bush won.

These Progressive Democrats deserve our unwavering support in helping them continue our cause, and revising current policy.

Image of Ed Perlmutter

Ed Perlmutter


55% over Bob Beauprez 42%. Another freshman who's 8 of 8.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


54% over Richard Pombo 46%. Pombo is gone! Hurrah! McNerny voted with the Democrats on 8 of 8 key votes in 2007

Image of Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney


50.02% over Rob Simmons 49.98%. Freshman. 8/8. Doesn't get much closer. Kerry took this one with 54%, maybe it will become safe Democratic seat?

Image of Julia Carson

Julia Carson


54% over Eric Dickerson 46%. Not sure why Dickerson did so well, this is a Democratic district (Kerry got 58%) Carson's been in since 1996.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


55% over Mike Whalen 43%. Another freshman. Also 8/8. This district gave Gore 52%, Kerry 53%.

Image of David Loebsack

David Loebsack


51% over Jim Leach 49%. Yet another freshman. He missed one key vote, so 7/7

Image of John Yarmuth

John Yarmuth


51% over Anne Northrup 48% Yet another freshman, in a district that is always hotly contested. Yarmuth is also 8/8.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


51% over Jeb Bradley 49%. Yet another freshman. A swing district - Bush got 51% vs. Kerry.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


53% over Charlie Bass 46%. Yet another freshman who is 8/8. Gore got 48% to 47% for Bush, Kerry won 52-47.

Image of John Hall

John Hall


51% over Sue Kelly, Yet another freshman. Also 8/8. Bush won against both Kerry (54-45) and Gore (49-47).

Image of Mike Arcuri

Mike Arcuri


54% over Ray Meier. Another freshman, also 8/8. Bush won against both Kerry (53-47) and Gore (48-47). The former representative (Boehlert) retired after winning easily for years.

Image of Darlene Hooley

Darlene Hooley


54% over Mike Ericson. Hooley was first elected in 1996. She's not exactly a liberal, but not really a blue dog (NatJnl 71, ProgPunch 81), and she always gets serious opposition (she hasn't ever gotten over 60%) in this swing district that went narrowly to Bush over Kerry (50-49) and Gore (48-47)

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


50.3% over Mike Fitzpatrick. Yet another freshman. Also 8/8. Fitzpatrick was elected in 2004. Prior to that, this district was fairly Republican, but it's changing. Kerry and Gore both won narrowly (each with 51%).

Image of Peter Welch

Peter Welch


53% over Martha Rainville. Welch replaces Bernie Sanders, who went to the Senate. He's also 8/8 on the key issues. Sanders usually won pretty easily, and I'm not sure why Welch did not do so.

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