Contribute Now to Real Progressives for Marcy

by edgery


"a West Coast Donna Edwards" (Howie Klein, FDL)

  • Solid Labor credentials: former union staffer
  • Solid Progressive credentials:
    • founded L.A. chapter of Progressive Democrats for America
    • helped organize a Progressive Caucus within the California Democratic Party
  • Solid Peace credentials:
    • co-founder of LA Jews for Peace
    • "We really do have to connect the dots between war, education and health care."

Marcy Winograd is the epitome of "more and BETTER Democrats" and she is facing not just the power of incumbency in Jane Harmon but Harmon's incumbent buddies (both Lynn Woolsey and Henry Waxman!).

Marcy needs Progressives across the country to show their support and send a signal to Washington:

Incumbents who vote against the interest of their constituents and the country are NOT safe. We will stand with those who stand with us."

Give Marcy the support she deserves, and give Jane the boot!

Image of Marcy Winograd

Marcy Winograd