Contribute Now to Protecting Our Asses: Protecting Good, Vulnerable Democrats

by Matt Jennings


The 2006 election not only resulted in Democratic control of Congress, but many apparently, good, pro-labor, pro-environment, pro-eductional, anti-war Democrats, many in upsets of varying degrees. However, many have backslided.

This group aims to reward good behavior from vulnerable incumbents through donations.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol Shea-Porter won election to her first term in 2006, scoring an upset against incumbent Jeb Bradley. Bradley has already stated that he plans to seek a re-match. With the district's slight Republican tilt in presidential elections and the fact that New Hampshire's early primary means many big-name Republican Presidential Hopefuls will be there to raise money for Bradley, Shea-Porter is definitely vulnerable.

It is imperative that we keep Carol Shea-Porter in Congress. Among other things, she has co-sponsored legislation raising the minimum wage, to fund stem cell research, allowing Medicare to negotiate lowewr prescription drug prices, and reducing student loan interest rates. She is also against the war in Iraq, co-sponsoring various pieces of legislation ranging from defunding escalation to calling for full withdrawal.

Please considering donating what you can to re-electing Carol Shea-Porter.

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