Contribute Now to Protest Bush and Talent with Cash for Claire!

by Randall Paske


Friday, September 8: Contribute to Claire!

George W. Bush is coming to Kansas City to do a fundraiser for his lackey, Missouri Senator Jim Talent. Admission? Just $1000 per person!

Talent already has millions more than his Democratic opponent, Claire McCaskill. But Bush is coming here to help raise more money anyway.

Let's make sure Bush raises money for Claire McCaskill, too. Even $10 can help.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Here's more about the McCaskill vs. Talent race and why I (Randall Paske) created this page.

While I will be among the protesters against Bush and Talent on Friday, I was bothered that my efforts to create a sign and join the crowd won't stop Bush's ability to get big checks for Jim Talent.

Then I realized that getting others to join me in contributing to Claire McCaskill's campaign could be an effective way to counter Bush's fundraising efforts. If Bush can raise money for Jim Talent, why not let him raise money for Claire McCaskill, too?

Few of us have the deep pockets of Bush/Talent supporters, but many of us can afford to move the decimal point over for a $10 contribution. (And if you can give more, even better!)

Your contribution is both a symbolic protest against Bush and Talent and a way to boost Claire's coffers for the final months of the campaign. And contributions are welcome from all across the country, so this is a great way to help out if you can't make it to the protest.

Jim Talent has a huge cash advantage that Claire McCaskill needs to overcome. As of 7/19/06, Talent had $6.9 million on hand, compared to Claire's $2.7 million. Talent advertised for weeks before Claire could afford to put spots on the air. On Sept. 2, the Kansas City Star reported that Talent has outspent McCaskill three-to-one.

Recent polls have shown Talent on the upswing, but in those polls where McCaskill is not leading, she's well within the margin of error to win. This is a close race, but Claire can win.

Talent is widely known as a GOP rubber stamp who will vote against any Democratic proposal automatically, no matter its individual worthiness. Among other things, Talent opposes stem cell research, has voted for tax breaks to big oil, has voted against ending tax subsidies for offshore corporations, and opposes a minimum wage increase while supporting the repeal of the estate tax. Claire McCaskill has better positions all around.

A McCaskill win, combined with other Senate wins, could give the Senate to the Democrats, and we all know how desperately we need to restore the balance of power in Washington. So--especially on Sept. 8--please help bust the Bush/Talent machine and raise some cash for Claire.