Contribute Now to Protozoa For Rob

by John Fryer- Oakland, CA


As the leader of a fairly large group of protozoa living mostly on the anterior portions of the inner walls of deep sea tube worms, we were particularly appalled to have recently watched, via underwater antenna and monitor mounted on the reflective belly of a massive tentacle free Granrojo jellyfish, Mr. Wilson's outburst during the President's speech on health care on September 9th. We have considered coaxing our surrogate tube worm hosts to belch vile excrement upwards toward the surface in protest but calmer nuclei prevailed and after careful scrutiny of Mr. Rob Miller’s qualifications, we have decided to support him with monetary donations to further his campaign against Joe Wilson.

Please join all the like minded protozoa and donate. Save any vile belching of excrement for the grand opening of the Bush Library.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller