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by Senator Jeff Merkley

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In order to overcome the big, well-funded lobbyists and get America working for ordinary Americans again, we need Senators working alongside me who will put America's families first.

Please support these Proven Progressives in 2012 as we work to get our country back on track.


Senator Jeff Merkley

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Sherrod Brown


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Chris Murphy


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Tammy Baldwin


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Elizabeth Warren


Opportunity and Renewal PAC

Jeff Merkley:

"We must have strong, progressive voices who are willing to stand up and take on the special interest lobbyists and the right wing. I've started the Opportunity and Renewal PAC to help expand our progressive ranks - not just for the fight over Wall Street accountability and reforming our political system, but for all of the important work we have to deliver on America's promise of opportunity and a fair shake to all of its people."

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