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by Jon Silver & the Pups for Peace


VoteVets Body Armor Ad Hits Georgia

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Please help provide critically needed resources to keep this highly effective ad by VoteVets on the air in Georgia. The Georgia Senate race in now neck-and-neck. Georgia voters need to see this VoteVets ad before they cast their ballots.

This ad calls out Senator Saxby Chambliss for his votes against greater funding for body armor for our troops.

Click here to view the ad:

As you may know, Senator Chambliss came into office by shamefully questioning Max Cleland's commitment to our nation. (A decorated Vietnam Veteran, Max Cleland lost both legs and one arm in Vietnam.) So, you would think that Chambliss would feel obliged to make completely sure that every bit of funding for troops' equipment passed. But he didn't. If we give them the resources, VoteVets will continue running this ad over the next week in Georgia, holding Senator Chambliss accountable for his votes against our troops.

We know your email box is getting flooded with requests for donations, and that times are tough right now, economically. But, VoteVets still has more work to do that will live long past this election season. So, please check out—and help fund—VoteVets' new ad.

Thank you for all of your support.


Jon Silver & the Pups for Peace

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