Contribute Now to Let’s Turn Texas Blue, Doggone it!

by Jon Silver & the Pups for Peace (Rootin’ for Rick)


Let’s Turn Texas Blue, Doggone it!

Rick Noriega for US Senate

Rick Noriega is coming on strong in his race to unseat incumbent Texas Senator John Cornyn. The latest polls show him gaining rapidly. But, to be successful he needs our help; please give what you can now.

There is no one more deserving of retirement than Senator John Cornyn. He has been a lockstep supporter of Bush-Cheney and as Texas Attorney General, before coming to the US Senate, he sent many an innocent man to death-row. He repeatedly worked against reopening cases even when exculpatory evidence had surfaced. Cornyn has a proven record of callousness to the weakest among us. He deserves to be retired from public life. With your help, Rick Noriega can accomplish this.

Thank you,

Jon Silver and the Pups for Peace (Rootin’ for Rick)

P.S. Even if, praise be, Barack Obama should win the Presidency, we will need a stronger majority in the Senate to enact essential legislation. Even with a Democratic House of Representatives, we can’t enact progressive change without more votes in the US Senate. Your support for Rick Noriega can help give us that majority.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega