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by John Kerry

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We've got only one month to go, and we need to make a big, big push to get the change we need in our country. These Senate Democrats are under intense attacks from outside groups trying to hold back that change. Won't you help them out?

And, if you'd like to support our efforts to support Democrats and defend them from the rightwing smear machine, please contribute to Campaign For Our Country, our PAC.

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


Congressman Tom Allen courageously voted against the war in Iraq and has consistently opposed the President’s disastrous policies ever since. His opponent Susan Collins has been far too loyal to Bush, consistently supporting the war in Iraq, Bush’s reckless energy bill and right-wing judicial nominees, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, and the torture bill. For a working majority in the U.S. Senate, we need your help to elect Tom Allen in Maine.

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


Mark has been a real leader on the environment in the House, and he’s running in an open seat in Colorado. This is one of the best chances we have of taking a red seat, and a strong Udall campaign can help us win the state for Barack Obama as well. His opponent has all the backing from the national GOP, though, so he can really use our help.

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


Kay Hagan is taking on Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Liddy Dole spent 2006 as the head of the National Republican Senate Campaign committee, presiding over the loss of the Senate. Now it’s time for her to lose her seat. She’s been a down-the-line friend of the Bush Administration, and she’s a great representative of the last decades of Republican follies. Kay brings a breath of fresh air to North Carolina, and she’s got a great chance of taking this race.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Al’s been a fighter for progressive causes for years, and he’ll be a Wellstone progressive in the Senate. His opponent, Norm Coleman, has been a reliable ally for George Bush for the last 6 years. Coleman and outside groups have attacked Franken's character in some vicious ways.

Image of Campaign For Our Country

Campaign For Our Country

Campaign For Our Country is our PAC, dedicated to helping to elect a more progressive Congress and defending Democrats from the smear politics of the Republicans.

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