Contribute Now to Ragin' Dems for Raggio

by Tony McMullin


Why donate to Grier Raggio in support of his campaign to restore honorable, intelligent and respected leadership to Texas CD 32?

1. We need to defeat "Taliban" Pete. In February 2009, Pete told Hotline editors his Republican conference was taking its cues from insurgents — like the Taliban.

2. Pete is so full of hot air, he got an enormous earmark passed for an Illinois dirigible company which used a Dallas address on their documentation. Turns out, the principles of the firm have no engineering or aviation design experience.

3. Let this session be Sessions' last Vegas lap dance. Sessions held a 2007 fundraiser at the Las Vegas Night club Forty Deuce. Sessions defended the event, saying "It is what I would call a burlesque show where there's a woman who comes out and has a dress on... Uh, she never gets naked. There's no nudity, there's no nudity in there."

4. He has ties to convicted lobbyist Abramoff. In late 2001 and early 2002, Sessions cosigned letters to two Cabinet members asking them to shut down casinos operated by several Native American tribes. Within 18 months of sending the letters, Sessions received a total of $20,500 from tribes associated with Abramoff raising suspicion that Sessions had written the letters to curry favor with Abramoff as he represented a number of competing tribes. In response, the Sessions office said he wrote the letters because of his view that gambling is a local issue, falling under his long held support for federalism.

5. Pete thinks he is above the law. A police report from a few days before the 2002 mid-term election (Oct. 27th 2002) has Dallas police officer, Jana A. Brewster, affirming that she caught Sessions -- then a sitting member of congress -- and an aide on a late-night sign stealing run.

Joe Wilson said one stupid thing and his Democratic opponent raised over $800,000 as a result. Pete Sessions, on the other hand, has said and done so many stupid things, they fill multiple pages of Google search results.

If you gave to Rob Miller, please at least match that amount for Grier. If you haven't given to Miller, please consider the most you can afford to help make this Pete's last session of Congress.

Thank you!

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Grier Raggio