$1000 Fundraising Match for Celia Israel

by Ramey Ko for Celia Israel


Celia is facing a Tea Party Republican who has offered no real ideas for HD50 and simply spouts right-wing platitudes. Make no mistake - Republicans would love to steal this Democratic seat in a low turnout, special run-off election. They will pour money into this race and use every trick in the Karl Rove playbook; we have already seen the discriminatory Voter ID law disenfranchise women, seniors, people of color, and students this week.

That's why I'm pledging to match every contribution made to the Celia Israel campaign via this link up to $1,000. During the special election, Celia ran an impressive grassroots operation focused on talking directly to voters and propelled her to the run-off; she will need our help to seal victory for the Democrats and progressive values.

Please contribute what you can to Celia Israel today. Every dollar makes a difference!

Celia Israel


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