Contribute Now to Ray's Dozen+

by Raymond Vitale


These are the candidates I believe are most deserving of financial support at this time. I've been looking over the national political landscape for awhile now, and these people have caught my eye. It isn't that they espouse everything I might like to see championed, but given the current climate I believe we need to spread ourselves out and cast as wide a net to ensure a return to sane political discourse in this country. These people represent an opportunity for average people to regain some representation within the halls of Congress. And since I'm from California our governor's mansion as well. Please consider a contribution to at least one of these candidates. I've added to the list as of my anniversary and the start of Autumn, and with the position Democrats seem to currently occupy in this election season it's time to open the field even wider. 4 new Senate seats, and 2 western Congressional seats as well as the all important Secretary of State of California. Please consider a donation to any of these worthy additions or the previous suggested candidates now. They all need OUR help now.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


The message rang out from Connecticut August 8th of a state's citizens demanding that their representatives represent THEM when sent to Washington, DC. Lamont can send the Republican's favorite Fox News Democrat into early retirement this November, with our help. And remove a torture supporting Lieberman.

Image of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders


While I have no doubt Vermont's popular Representative in the House will easily win his race for the upper chamber; I love the concept of voting for a proudly self described Socialist. I would be surprised if Bernie Sanders ever voted a way I wouldn't do myself. The Senate has needed his kind for years.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Jon is truly this year's populist candidate. He is a man of the people, and will be a far superior representative for Montanans than the lobbyist tainted for-hire Conrad Burns, a man who verbally abuses firefighters visiting his state to help prevent forest fires. Given this is Montana, Jon may not be someone I'd like for myself, but the vast improvement over Mr. Burns more than makes up for any social conservatism he might exhibit.

Image of Jack Carter

Jack Carter


I would love to see us open more fronts in the overall race to retake the Senate. My choice in the second tier is the son of President Jimmy Carter, Jack. If he has even half the integrity that his father has shown since departing the White House we need him in the Senate. Harry Reid deserves a better junior senator from Nevada to work with on legislation.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Racism has no place in 21st Century America, and certainly doesn't need a voice in the Senate. End the presidential ambitions of George Felix Allen two years early! Vote out the racist, torture supporting Allen.

Image of Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar


This Senate seat is currently held by Democrat Mark Dayton, and is targeted by the Republicans to win. Amy is currently favored in the polls, but this will be a tight race, Minnesota statewide races always are. Ms. Klobuchar is worthy to speak for her state, and any good offense contains some defense. Supporting her, is protection against any possible lose of a D seat.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


I wanted to have a few Congressional races from my home state. Since my Rep. is Nancy Pelosi, who doesn't need support, I am looking to get better representation for the rural northeast of the state (including Lake Tahoe). Mr. Brown is 26 year veteran of the Air Force, he cares deeply about keeping America safe and protected, and that doesn't include wasting billions in the deserts of the Middle East.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Let's send Richard "Greedy" Pombo into retirement. Join Republican Pete McClosky and myself in supporting Jerry McNerney. If we win this one, we have a great shot at taking over the house.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


When Gentry and I were back in Columbus, OH in 2004 we had the opportunity to hear Mary Jo speak. She is a rabble-rouser of the best kind. Sending her to Washington would bring a breath of fresh air to that swamp.

Image of Debra Bowen

Debra Bowen

CA-Sec State

Bruce McPherson must not be in charge of elections in California during 2008. Debra Bowen offers a chance to ensure open and fair elections that can be validated and verified.

Image of Phil Angelides

Phil Angelides


We need a real person, not an incompetent actor pretending to lead one of the largest economies in the world.

Image of Cynthia Matthews

Cynthia Matthews


My brother is represented by powerful Republican David Drier. Let's get my brother and sister-in-law someone who can properly and openly represent them in Congress.

Image of Angie Paccione

Angie Paccione


Ms. Paccione is running against rabid homophobe Marilyn Musgrave. Her hate needs no voice in the Congress. We must steer our society toward better communication and understanding, hate can not do this. As a gay man I will happily admit I have an agenda to rid our Congress of people like Ms. Musgrave.

Image of Patty Wetterling

Patty Wetterling


I sent Patty money back in 2004, and she surprised everyone with her near success. Now she has a real chance to win in this open-R seat offered by Mark Kennedy's attempt to seek the Dayton Senate seat. Patty is definitely my kind of Democrat, very much in the Paul Wellstone tradition.

Image of Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy


Another alum from 2004, she's going for a rematch against Jim Gerlach. The district is trending Democrat, and her fundraising is vastly improved, resulting in strong support from the party in one of the top-tier targets.

Image of Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly


My best friend lives in South Bend, and he knows how important it is to get adequate representation in Congress. He has to rely on "Count" Chocola do that now, and can't wait to have someone who will actually listen. Donnelly made a respectable showing in 2004, and this time around has shown he is very serious about winning this swing district. He was just added to the second-tier of supported candidates by the DCCC, and recent polling actuallly shows him ahead.

Image of Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords


Her opponent Randi Graf is a right-wing freak. We've had enough of their ilk stinking up the halls of Congress for long enough. Ms. Giffords offers a great opportunity to pick up swing district we should have had already.

Image of John Murtha

John Murtha


I am sure that I would probably take issue with many of John Murtha's positions, but the one he currently champions is the right one, and for that he deserves a nod. Plus it shows other Dems who to put into the Majority Leader's post when they take over Congress this November.

Image of Heath Shuler

Heath Shuler


Heath is running against one of the worst right-wing Republicans and shows strength in both polling and fundraising that this has become a strong pick-up opportunity. Since I added Heath my brother has pointed out that Mr. Shuler is pro-life. I leave him here to show who I have supported this election cycle, but I no longer actively urge others to do so. Though on many other issues, such as Universal Health Care, working family issues, and the environment he has progressive positions. Check his website out, and decide for yourselves.

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