Contribute Now to United We Stand - 2008

by Raymond Vitale

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Okay, here's the final week and a final push.

Please help if you can! If you don't like these candidates, check out others via ActBlue!! We can make this one of the biggest landslides in history!

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Lt. Cmdr. Brown (Ret.) is the kind of representation that the Northeastern corner of California, and the Lake Tahoe Basin in particular have needed for low these past 20-30 years.

I also really like Charlie Brown as a person. After one of my previous donations I actually got a call from him personally to thank me for my contribution. I can't afford to always give very much, but the fact that he took time out to thank his supporters as often as he can really impressed me. He's the kind of true representative we all could use in Congress.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy is a formidable campaigner and true progressive voice for the Northwest district she is running in up in Washington State. Her opponent again in 2008 is Dave Reichert. I think his photo must sit opposite the definition of "Empty-suited politician".

Darcy and Mary Jo (OH-15, see below) are the true progressive voices we all need back in Washington fighting for the issues that really effect all Americans.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Al has a great chance to unseat Norm Coleman from the Senate. And who wouldn't like to watch Al go up against people like Arlen Specter or Joe Lieberman on the Senate Floor.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


See what I said about Darcy Burner (above).

I met Mary Jo Kilroy back in Columbus, OH in 2004 when I was back there trying against all odds to flip Ohio for us. She is the fiery labor oriented community organizer based fighter for the common man and woman that the diverse poverty plagued population of central Ohio has so desperately needed these past number of years. 2008 they should finally get it in Mary Jo!

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol is one of the surprise winners in the 2006 class of freshperson Democrats we saw elected. She's also been one of the best progressive and sensible voices and voters at those crucial junctures. She stood up to her colleagues on the bad FISA bill and voted for retaining the fourth amendment's spirit.

She's considered one of the most vulnerable from the 2006 class of incumbents on the Democratic side. If we want to change the direction our government has been heading these past eight years we really need Carol to stay in Washington.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


It's starting to look like we have a chance to take Saxby Chambliss out of the Senate. I know little about Martin, and probably would find myself disagreeing with much of what he might espouse, but getting the man who called multi-amputee and Vietnam Veteran Senator Max Cleland a traitor out of of the US Senate would be very sweet.

Image of Russ Warner

Russ Warner


Trying to help my brother, and his family get decent representation in Congress. For my new nephew who needs decent healthcare and a chance to attend college in the future please help remove David Drier from this suburban seat in Southern California's Inland Empire.

Image of Elwyn Tinklenberg

Elwyn Tinklenberg


El Tinklenberg is running against Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. She's the "McCarthyite" Republican that recently called Obama an anti-American candidate, and essentially wants to investigate her colleagues in Congress for also holding anti-American views...whatever those might be.

Image of Bob Lord

Bob Lord


He's got a decent chance to remove right-winger John Shadegg who a couple of years back tried to become the Republican leader in the House. Removing their top members is one of the best ways to cripple any remaining power the Republicans might have after 2008.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Finally, a candidate that talks to us like the adults we are, and deserve to be treated as. I can't say that everything Obama says, or how he has voted, is what I want, but I think his whole approach to governing will be such a breath of fresh air in Washington, and for the country. If he can make Americans actually proud, and confident, that government is there to assist them, then it really might be that the American Dream and potential that our founders saw for our future is still possible. As his campaign likes to remind us...YES WE CAN!

Image of Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano


Tom is going to make a great Assemblyperson for San Francisco. Finally the east side of SF gets a true progressive in Sacramento. I really can't wait, and the more cash he has, the better he can help others across the state so we get a strong progressive caucus to fight Arnold and the entrenched special interests that prevent progress.

Tom has the skills to bring State health care reform just as he has championed it here in San Francisco at the city level.

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


As a Congressman from Maine, he supported the Constitution's Bill of Rights and voted against the Hoyer drafted captiulation to Bush on Tele-Co. amnesty. For that I willingly support him in his bid to kick Bush apologist Sen. Susan Collins to the curb.

Image of John Edwards

John Edwards


I now support Barack Obama, but will await his actions on FISA legislation before contributing and adding his link to this list.

Very disappointed in the personal revelations regarding Senator Edwards. While such personal issues are not something I feel deserve much consideration in politics, his failure in honesty with the country, and especially his supporters regarding his affair is unforgivable.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


I no longer support Congressman McNerney given his vote to capitulate to Republicans on FISA reform and granting retroactive amnesty to Telcoms that helped to violate the Constitution. He remains listed here only because I did donate during 2008.

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