Contribute Now to Green Jobs for America

by Books Alive

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Let's put Americans to work in green collar jobs. Let's end the bad old days of high-polluting factories, homes and transportation! Let these candidates know that we support their efforts to expand clean, green energy sources and uses-- take this opportunity and donate today.

Climate deniers argue endlessly for NO CHANGE. But we will change the climate in politics if we elect more progressives.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Al is a knowledgeable and progressive, addition to the Senate. (Even if he has to apologize once in awhile!) What's more, he has a PAC to support other progressive midwestern candidates

Image of Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin


Senator Durbin takes the high road in the Senate. He constantly stands for progress while treating citizens fairly. He knows the value of the green economy and the benefits it will bring. Help him make a difference with a donation today.

Image of Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison


Rep. Ellison has a jobs plan. Send some support his way.

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


Rep. Foster lost his seat in the Tea Paty tsunami of 2010. He brings his sorely needed scientific background to the House.

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