Contribute Now to Help Obama by Helping Jim Martin

by Allen Rider & Karen Reagle


Dear Friends and Relatives,
Karen has spent days at Martin headquarters and Allen has written many checks and now we are asking that you help us as soon as possible by digging into your wallets again to give Barack Obama a fighting chance to bring change to Washington since we are having a runoff in the senate race here in Georgia. Jim Martin is now facing down the incumbent Republican, Saxby Chambliss. Chambliss is a Bush lackey who managed to get elected six years ago by portraying his opponent as soft on terrorism. Never mind that Max Cleland is a triple amputee from his service in Vietnam. The Republicans are at it again in this runoff, so we need all the help you can give us to get Jim Martin elected. Jim is also a Vietnam veteran (Saxby got a deferment.) Chambliss will be an obstructionist senator unless we can enlist your financial help in addition to our on the ground work.
Jim Martin did a great job representing Georgian’s in the state legislature for 18 years. Later he led the Georgia Department of Human Resources under two governors, Democrat and Republican. Jim’s campaign needs seed money right now. The Obama campaign has agreed to keep their offices in Georgia open for Jim, but Jim needs to raise the funds to pay the staff and rent at these offices. Once Jim shows he is serious about this, money will come in from others all over the country. Jim’s campaign is hoping to have President Elect, Barack Obama come for a fund raiser and rally in mid November.
Please help us get Jim elected giving Barack a chance to effect the change needed. Jim needs money now to keep offices open and run ads to inform voters of their need to support Obama again by coming back to vote for Jim Martin. The runoff election is Tuesday, December 2, so there isn’t much time. Thanks for what you are about to do.
Allen Rider and Karen Reagle
If you would like more information about Jim Martin, his campaign web site is

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Jim Martin


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