Contribute Now to Turn a Red State Blue

by Lisa Petersen


The following edited text is from a plea by Ted Kennedy on the site:
America needs Barack Obama. But a new president alone cannot fix what ails America.

Today, there are 49 Republicans in the U.S. Senate who could make it their mission to undermine Barack Obama's presidency.

Together, we can stop them.

If thousands of us come together to take nine Republican seats 12 days from now, Democrats will have a historic majority that will put an end to Republican stalling tactics. The years of Republican obstruction will be over.

But we must act now to win on November 4. History is being decided. Our action or inaction now can lead to triumph or defeat. Can you chip in $25 to help win key Senate races today?

Democratic Senate challengers are either leading or neck-and-neck with Republican senators. Seven races are pure toss-ups—they could go either way.

Every dollar you give enables a candidate to call another voter, knock on another door or fund another campaign ad. This can make all the difference in races that may be decided by the smallest of margins.

Thank you for all you do.

Lisa speaking again Did you know that GA had the second largest job loss rate for September (behind Michigan)? 22,500 people in September in GA. (CNN, 10/23/08). This is the saddest statement about how this entire economic collapse can so quickly change the lives of those who live next to us. With Jim representing us, we know that he will help those who need help and not his rich buddies, like Saxby Chambliss. Every donation helps to keep him and his ads going.

Poll after poll continues to show this to be a dead-even race, but as we head into the last days of the campaign, Jim needs to keep going strong.
Martin has a long record of public service in the state Legislature, where he earned respect from Democrats and Republicans alike for his intelligence and willingness to buck party leaders if necessary. He was appointed by Gov. Roy Barnes, a fellow Democrat, to head the Department of Human Resources, and was asked to remain in that post when Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue took office.
Please help with even $10, $20, or $25. It really will make a difference. Don't wake up November 5 with the dreary headlines showing Saxby is the winner again. Please contribute.

Thank you
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Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


From 1969-1971, Jim Martin served in the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of Lieutenant, and did a tour in Vietnam.
Since then, Jim has continued his public service to this nation, serving as Chief Legal Counsel of the Public Defender system in Georgia, Commissioner of Human Resources for the State, and years in the State Legislature where he authored and developed consensus on and passed more than 60 major pieces of reform legislation in the areas of healthcare, family law, civil and criminal justice, education, probate, business law, environmental law, labor law and tax policy.

Jim Martin is extremely close to winning this race and can use every bit of help.

Please visit my candidate's web site to learn more