Contribute Now to New Chairs for the Red Room

by Sam Almy

Goal Thermometer
(since September 30, 2009)

The 1970's was a great decade: Disco, Star Wars, and Watergate. This was also the decade in which our chairs were created. For nearly 4 decades these chairs has served many a field organizer. The Red Room needs to modernize, and it begins with new chairs.

These chairs pose a threat to workplace safety. The springs are out of balance, the wheels are falling off, and we have had numerous people fall while trying to sit. An intern was nearly concussed while working late one night, as her face slammed into the the desk while sitting.

Field Organizers work 80+ hours per week and a comfortable chair is critical to our daily work load. Please donate to this cause. The new chairs will be bought at locally owned Gibson's Office Supply.

Pima County Democratic Committee