Contribute Now to Harry Reid Needs Pressure

by Progressive Change Campaign Committee


After our petition delivery (below), Keith Olbermann reported Harry Reid is "pushing back against progressives" and "setting expectations low for the final product." But why? Americans overwhelmingly want a public option!

Reid needs more pressure. We've arranged to film a TV ad featuring one of Reid's constituents who desperately needs the public option. It's powerful, but we need $8,500 to produce it.

Check out this week's event video. Then, can you chip in $50 to help pressure Reid next week? (Join PCCC. Donate by mail. ) CLICK THE ARROW ABOVE TO DONATE

A special thanks to PCCC fellow Max Berger for making this video.

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PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

The PCCC is spearheading the movement to hold Harry Reid accountable on the public option. Now's the time for pressure. Can you help?